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This high level program will assist you in transforming your financial future and help you to create a better relationship with your credit and money

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    Yes, we do!
  • How long does it take to repair my credit?
    There is no way to predict in advance how long it will take to repair your credit, as every credit situation is different. On average the process can take between 12-18 months. Past members have stayed with us 6-12 months. *Your results will vary and are not guaranteed.
  • Do I qualify for your money back guarantee?
    If you've obtained our services for more than180 days and we do not remove any negatives. You have not used a credit-consulting agency nor attempted to repair your credit at least two years previous to signing up for our services. You have had no new collections or missed payments during the time frame we are assisting you You have maintained credit monitoring services at all times during the time frame we are helping you. You agree & have sent updated reports/responses from the three credit bureaus & creditors to us within five days of receipt. You should receive updated credit reports every 30-45 days and make us aware if updated reports have not been received.
  • Can I repair my credit on my own?
    Yes, you can by using the products below.


Extremely efficient, professional and effective. I love that they use ethical and legal methods. I’ll be buying my first home soon thanks to Caldwell Financial Group.

Caldwell Financial Group began helping me repair my credit  for about a year now. From the first day until now, I have received excellent customer service and unbelievable results. My credit score has risen drastically; all credit is to this incredible company. I highly recommend!

Because of  Caldwell Financial Group I’m now in the 800 club!

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