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Unlock Your Path to Prosperity

Enhance Your Credit, Increase Your Savings, Eliminate Debt, and Live on Your Terms

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Work With Jade


One on One

This high level program will assist you in transforming your financial future and help you to create a better relationship with your credit and money

Our Process

Sign Up

We provide a full financial overview and analysis where we work alongside  you to identify any areas that are hurting your financial wellness.

Do The Work

Our team will guide you through your personalized financial transformation plan. Where we will change your money mindset, restore your credit, help you to lower your debt and budget like a pro. 

Get Results

Sign into your encrypted client portal every 30 days to review your current wins, schedule your 1:1  accountability call with your financial wellness advocate to improve your financial knowledge and achieve your goals.

Our Mission

At Caldwell Financial Group, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals through the improvement of their credit. We understand that low or poor credit can be a significant obstacle to realizing one's dreams, whether it's owning a home, starting a business, securing a job, or obtaining insurance. That's why we are committed to providing tailored solutions to help our clients build their credit, unlock their full financial potential, and enjoy the life they deserve. With our expertise and guidance, we aim to help our clients take control of their financial future and achieve long-term financial success.

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Our Affiliates


IdentityIQ is a leader in identity theft protection and credit protection services. Offering credit monitoring, Identity insurance, and antivirus.

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Build your savings and increase your credit score with Self Lender. 

About  Us

Established in 2019 as a credit restoration agency by our CEO Jade Caldwell, over the course of business we realized the need to expand our services to offer more than just credit restoration  and credit education. Our former clients would graduate from our program and stay on with us for assistance with their finances way after the credit restoration process. 

At Caldwell Financial Group our goal is to help you regain financial confidence by helping you to manage your finances. We provide credit education, restoration, debt management and budgeting services. 

Are you more of a DIY person? We have something for you as well,  our ebook catalogs many different topics and our professionally guided DIY credit repair program is 2nd to none!

When your finances and your goals align, you can build wealth and live the life that you deserve!

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